On the last day of the student exchange introduce one hobby that is important

On the last day of the student exchange, we were in Hamburg with the whole group. In order to make the last evening in the best possible way, we wanted to introduce Maria and Leticia to one hobby that is important to us: riding. So we went to the stable and cleaned and saddled the horses together. The reactions of the two were very different. While Leticia has been there a few times, it was a completely new experience for Maria. Therefore, her respect could be clearly seen. Both had many questions, for example whether the horses would bite or kick. This was the first time we noticed how differently animals are used in the two countries. Horses are hardly to be found in Uganda, there are rather other farm animals such as goats or chickens. In Germany, these also exist, but here animals such as horses or rabbits are more common as pets. However, the initial fear was quickly forgotten and we were able to ride off. The two obviously had fun and after a short time they mastered it really well! Afterwards we went home to cook together. Of course we made “rice and beans”, which we also liked very much. Maria and Leticia guided us very purposefully and it was impressive how many recipes they can memorise. Overall, it was a very nice conclusion and we are looking forward to our visit in Uganda next year!

Written by Lena and Pauline


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