My experience in Germany was fantastic, actually it was in Germany when I did most things for the first time like being in snow ❄️, sitting in the big bus for the first time, sitting in a train, going up to the church tower, going to a city only for bicycles – Münster City, sit into a Dom, stepping into an elevator, my first time in the boat, in the tunnel, Eat new foods like Hamburger, stay with a German family which was comfortable, to enter an electric car, interact with the German students, see a clean  and sustainable city everywhere without polythene bags, see small cars where only to two people can fit in, sleep in a very soft bed, studying in German schools, to build a sustainable city, coldness of the place and there are so other many things that I did for the first time of my life.

My experience in Germany was colourful as I was delighted and grateful to have caring coodinators in Germany and I would like to list there names in this paragraph and these were Mis. Rumbi , Mis. Ritah, Mis. Anka, and the German Male teacher in Reinbeck whose name has escaped from my head. These coodinators were so caring, were patient with us, loving that everyone in this project was grateful and thankful for whatever all they did.

The Germans were hospitable that they could want to make you not to step out of your comfort zone especially the my family in German. And I  wish to have a better moment with my partner in Uganda which she would love to the fullest.

As a project we did a lot of important and useful activities which would aid our lives and the community at large if we put it into practice for example use of traffic lights to prevent accidents , keeping our environment clean and sustainable by recycling plastics, use of electric cars, trains ,use of bicycles not only to keep the environment safe but also to improve on our health status, having greeneries on top of houses and in the middle of the city roads, having trash can in home and even in our communities to prevent unsustainable environment and so many other things that we learnt.

We had fun as a project and enjoyed together, share meals together and everything thing was super burb as we hope to me again.

My experience in Germany was marvelous as also minor challenges were faced like the weather which was too cold but my family in Germany gave me sweaters and jumpers, the language but my family especially my partner could help me translate into English from Deutsch. Actually I faced no challenge because they were all solved by my family in Deutschland.  I end my story  with a grateful heart  thanking all our  project coodinators , my family in Deutschland, my colleagues. Vielen Dank! “Thank you very much”. May God reward you abundantly and all Glory to God.

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  1. Momo Blogger

    Wow it’s very enlightening story😊good work Janet


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