Cooking together

Since food is one of the most important things in life, we were of course all very curious to see which differences there are between Uganda and Germany. That’s why the times we cooked together are one of the best memories. One day, we cooked all together and sold the food to the students of the Sachsenwaldschule in Reinbek. That was really interesting because it was the first time we ate Ugandan food and the rolex as well as the Mandazi were extremely delicious. That made us even more curious so we also cooked in a smaller group at Lena’s home. At first, us German students were sceptical because it seemed to us that Daphine, Bosco, Janet and Martha had burned the food, but it was all planned and turned out tasty. For dessert we did some typical German dish, the mousse au chocolat, which also convinced the Ugandans. All in all, it was a delicious cooking experience.

By Lucca, Nora and Lena


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